One Thing

I am really going to try to write and record more songs. I’m feeling pretty good about my setup and the progress I’ve made in singing and playing. I hope you enjoy… Read more

Asleep in Garbage

Tell all the children, not to fear, they won’t last long.
If you are a father, take my hand, lets not bother.
Now that you’re a mother, please don’t laugh,… Read more

All That

I remember walking outside with you.
Sometimes we’d walk inside too.
We were young and we were so foolish.
Now we’re older and I guess we’re still foolish.… Read more

Country Pretty

Funny little song about a funny little dog that came into my life almost two years ago. Its been really fun getting to know her. I think this song captures her pretty well. … Read more


Featuring Haley on fiddle, and Andy on guitar. DADDAD tuning on the guitar. This is our first real jam with just Haley and I. Not much editing. A bit of effects. Just the two… Read more

Screw Shrew

So, I plugged in. I’m playing Haley’s Dan Electro and its really fun. This song reminds me of Voodoo Lady. Anyway, I hope you like it. I’ll be doing more… Read more

Have It Both Ways

I am ramping up my catalog of originals in hopes of playing the Big Turn Music Festival this February. I really don’t want to rely on covers, so I’m writing some… Read more

Weird Day

I got some new equipment. Nothing too fancy, but then my brother brought in his midi controller so things can finally get weird again. I’m really thankful for that.… Read more