Life of a Bear

I couldn’t find the chords and lyrics for this song online anywhere, so I figured out how to ‘transcribe’ them myself and I’ve been playing this… Read more

The Stallion, Part 3

New Guitar day! This is so sloppy and rough, but also really fun and dude, He’s the Stallion.
I don’t think I really need to explain any more about this. Just … Read more


Recorded this for my buddy. My friend Liz loved this song, so he asked me to learn it. Here’s my version. This is a great, simple song by The Milk Carton Kids. Listen … Read more

It’s A Big Old Goofy World

Another John Prine song. This is such a goofy world. I wanted to share some more of John with you. I hope you find time for some gratitude and joy for some of the simpler things… Read more

Late John Garfield Blues

John Prine. Hero. I’m really going to miss him when he’s gone. I’m so grateful that I was shown his music early in my life. I’m so glad to have had… Read more

Big Turn Festival

Hi ALL! I’ll be playing the Big Turn Music Festival this year. I’m really excited about it and I really think you all should get tickets ASAP. Here is a link to… Read more

Way Down

A cover of one of my favorite John Prine songs. I’m getting really excited to perform on September 28th at Kelly’s Bar in Red Wing. I go on at 7pm. This will be … Read more

With Arms Outstretched

I don’t think I’ll always do a description. This is a song I recorded written by Rilo Kiley, called With Arms Outstretched.. I love music, so that’s … Read more

As Tall As Cliffs

Instrumental cover of ‘As Tall As Cliffs’ by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s. I’m on rhythm guitar, Colin plays lead, and Haley plays fiddle.… Read more