I know for a fact that every day since I quit social media, every single one of you has been longing for some daily status updates from me. In lieu of facebook profundity and tantalizing tweets, I’ve started this writing project thing where I post something every day, or as often as I can. If you’d like to stay updated via email, please, sign up here so you don’t have to check in with me, it’ll just magically happen…You know, like a newsletter. Here’s what I’ve posted so far, and I promise…it will get better. 

The ‘newsletter’ will be only posts from the Bark Blog and you can sign up for the frequency you prefer.  One thing that will help is if you give me some input and share this with anyone you think should be a part of this. I’ll probably post all kinds of different content. You can also feel free to join in, share this on your social media, or email me. Any time. If you want to play me in chess, find me here.

You’re also welcome to check out the BarkBarkBark podcast where I post music, funny conversations, weird sounds from nature. So far, it is mostly me playing guitar.

Thanks everyone. Happy trials, keep barking!

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