Looking at maps

Does anyone else just enjoy spending hours looking at google maps? I mostly browse the north woods looking for property, looking at lakes, rivers, public land.

I have so… Read more

Is mood a gift or a skill?

I think about this often.

I’m thinking of just turning this blog into a reblogging platform. Also, thinking of just reblogging Seth Godin. I’m just kidding,… Read more

Connecting brain to page

Well, I’m definitely off the mark of writing every day. That’s okay. I suppose I shouldn’t just write something for no reason, but there is something… Read more

“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”

I’ve pretty much switched from coffee to tea. I’m drinking Earl Grey and I really enjoy it. I never thought I’d switch from coffee. I used to make 2 gallons… Read more

Five Year Plan

I’m still slowly clawing myself out of my debt. School loans, IRS debt associated to school loan forgiveness(wtf) and a couple other things including a 3 year lease… Read more

Flowerstalks – Basic Malaise

Check out this new album from Flowerstalks. You should buy it if you like it. Please help support local artists and art. If you’ve never tried, it is incredibly difficult… Read more


Starting to produce relevant content every day isn’t an easy task. There’s really no point in writing this sentence if nobody cares or knows that I’m… Read more


Writing isn’t an easy thing for me. I’m not a writer, naturally. I don’t feel I have an expansive vocabulary, or that I have a whole lot to say. I also don’t… Read more


I know for a fact that every day since I quit social media, every single one of you has been longing for some daily status updates from me. In lieu of facebook profundity and… Read more